The picDesigner photo processing app

It’s never been so easy to save time and money.

Want to wait forever for good photos?

The following scenarios are no doubt familiar to you:

“The weather’s bad - we can’t take photos today.”

“There’s no-one free to drive the vehicles to the photo shoot location.”

“The photographer’s busy and can’t come till next week.”

“If we want to get the best out of our brand with these photos, we have to invest in a photo shoot location.”

picDesigner photo process 1
picDesigner photo process 2 picDesigner photo process 3

Bad weather? Not a problem with picDesigner!

Take photos of your vehicles whenever and wherever you want: in front of the dealership or in the workshop.

When you want to position your car dealership brand in the future, you won’t need a specially selected and equipped photo shoot location. picDesigner’s graphic experts skilfully post-edit your photos to put your vehicles and your brand in the spotlight.

picDesigner photo process 1
picDesigner photo process 1

Anyone can be your photographer!

No more time-consuming vehicle switching, no waiting for photographers or for the weather to be right.

The picDesigner app supports you via an intuitive assistant as you take your photos. In this way, whoever is taking the photos receives help, and it becomes much easier to keep a consistent approach throughout.

picDesigner photo process 6
picDesigner photo process 7 picDesigner photo process 8

Everywhere is a potential photo shoot location!

In the future, where you take your photos will be less important. picDesigner’s graphics experts will always showcase your vehicles in their best light.

No need to pay for expensive photo shoot locations or other costly equipment. Use the space on your premises for more important things and not for vehicle photography.
Thanks to picDesigner, you can save money and make better use of your existing resources.

Present your brand in the right light.

In the future, your brand will always be optimally presented. Thanks to the picDesigner configuration tool, you can create your own personal virtual photo box.

You have several brands? No problem, simply create multiple backgrounds which you can then select according to the job.

If required, you can also ask our graphic designers to come up with a truly individual background wall.

One thing is for sure: your photos will represent your car dealership brand and create a high recognition value.

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App für Freistellung, Fahrzeugfotos

Your photos are ready!

Your photos will be optimised in no time. Once they are ready, the picDesigner app notifies you via a push notification. You can even download the images from the dashboard to your smartphone. Or you can log into the web application and save the optimised vehicle images on your computer.

Was unsere Kunden sagen

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"Image optimization helps us to significantly reduce the time and effort required to photograph vehicles."

Thierry Hinden
Excellence Cars SA
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"The image processing clearly sets us apart from the crowd, which we have already experienced through positive customer feedback."

Patrik Schaffer
CEO - Auto Schaffer AG
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"Our vehicles are our flagships. With image optimization, they also become our brand ambassadors."

Andre Klaus
Sales - Auto Treff Oranke GmbH
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