App für Freistellung, Fahrzeugfotos

The picDesigner app

The picDesigner app is one of the most important tools for your company. It saves you time and money. Using a modern smartphone, you can create images that are equivalent to those taken by a conventional digital camera.

The perfect photo workflow starts with the picDesigner App

The camera with which you normally photograph your vehicles is not finding the battery empty or the memory full?

With the picDesigner app, that’s all a thing of the past. Photograph the vehicle with the app and directly commission the optimization.

Modern smartphones can easily keep up with compact digital cameras when it comes to picture quality.

The app provides the photographer with optimal support when selecting perspectives. This makes it easier to create a uniform look for all vehicles.

The picDesigner app 1

This is how the picDesigner app works.

The picDesigner app is an important part of the photo processing procedure. You can use it to control all the processes:

Create orders and name them as you like.

Choose how many images to optimise.

Take photos with a consistent style by applying the photo guidelines.

Submit your optimisation order.

Once your photos are ready, you will receive a push notification.

Download the images from the app’s dashboard.

The picDesigner app 2

Are you already an AUTOMANAGER customer?

Then connect your vehicle stock with picDesigner now and work even easier.

Download the picDesigner app now and start with the optimal workflow.