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How we get the best out of your vehicles. Perfect presentation of your vehicles.

Floor with grey filter 1 of 3 The vehicle is precisely cut out. All contours are retained. 2 of 3 The individual background highlights the vehicle and strengthens the brand. 3 of 3

Increase efficiency.

No need to wait for a photographer. Instead, let your employees take photos of your vehicles - after all, who knows your photo preferences better? Anyone can take photos of your vehicles anywhere. No need to set up a photo shoot location. Use your precious space more efficiently. picDesigner’s modifications and your own tailored background wall ensure that your vehicles are always presented in their best light.

Mirror with blue filter 1 of 3 Interior is upvalued 2 of 3 Die Windschutzscheibe wird freigestellt und der Hintergrund ersetzt. 3 of 3

Vehicle interiors also get a chance to shine.

A blue filter is applied to mirrors to avoid annoying reflections. Interior details are visually enhanced. Window panes are also modified to the pixel, and your chosen background wall inserted. This gives your vehicle photos a high degree of uniformity, making them unmistakeable. Third-party use of the photos thus becomes almost impossible.

Complex contours are cut out with great attention to detail. 1 of 1

Attention to detail.

Especially in the case of vehicles with special body shapes such as convertibles, it is important to emphasise their advantages and special features. Photos of open vehicles are also cropped with the utmost precision. A blue filter is applied to windows and mirrors, while your tailored background wall also highlights the vehicle’s advantages. In all images, a grey filter is applied to the background to create an optimal contrast.

Rust film from the brake disk is removed 1 of 2 The grey filter also allows a workshop floor to be blasted. 2 of 2

Make an impression.

Wheel and tyre close-ups are given special treatment. Any signs of rust will be removed as far as possible, and rims will be displayed perfectly. Tyres are given an attractive shine. By the way, all vehicle photos optimised with picDesigner keep their own shadows. 100% realistic - no flying cars here.

Some customers

...and what they say about us.

"The picDesigner has significantly shortened and simplified our workflow. We save a lot of time and can sell our vehicles faster."
Steffen Spohr
Sales consultant - Autohaus Jotzo
"At first I was just a pilot customer - now I don't want to miss image optimization anymore. It saves me time, effort and I have a great result!"
Andreas Knieriem
IT - La Linea Franca GmbH
"Easy handling, fast processing with the Handy App, high quality increase and uniform appearance without great investments! Very good and quick help with concerns!
Rene Bouvier

More examples


picDesigner Extension: Virtual Floor

As an optional supplement to normal optimization, the vehicle can also be placed on a virtual floor.

With this extension, the vehicle is completely cut out and, in addition to the vehicle background, the floor underneath the vehicle
is replaced. With this elaborate processing, the highest demands on the uniformity of images are met. In addition, the virtual floor simplifies the photo process even further, as less attention is paid to the condition of the background when taking the pictures.
must become. Ugly oil or water stains, manhole covers or similar unevenness in the ground are eradicated.
The image optimization experts attach great importance to a natural impression during processing. The shadow of the vehicle plays an important role here. With great attention to detail, this is processed and subsequently adapted.
The optimization with virtual floor creates additional freedom and flexibility in the creation of the photographs. For example, the photos can be taken directly in the preparation stage, so a workshop floor with technical equipment such as a lifting platform or pit no longer plays a role.


The Motorcycle Image Optimisation

What is ideal for four wheels is perfect for two wheels. For 100% recognition: We also put your motorcycles in the limelight.

The professional presentation of motorcycle pictures was often neglected in the past. The special characteristics of two-wheelers often make the ideal presentation on the net more difficult than that of an automobile.

The delicate construction of a motorcycle requires a much more detailed release than that of a conventional automobile. Even the finest mechanics are
is taken into account during image optimization and professionally presented in the overall image.

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